Budding Romance

This prime example of imperfection is another update of an old piece I did. It was originally done in sharpie, and was a sketch of a bouquet of roses my boyfriend (now husband) gave me. I remember those days were uncertain and somewhat chaotic. In fact, I broke up with him shortly after he gave me those roses (obviously not permanently).

I was a single mom at the time and I think the idea of having to share my son with someone else scared me as much as being thrown into fatherhood scared my now husband. We figured it out eventually but it took us a while. Well, I guess if I’m being totally honest, we’re still working on it. And we will probably spend our entire lives trying to get it right.

I painted acrylic over the roses to create a more permanent image. There are things I like about the updated version better, and there are things I like about the original. The initial sketch was more carefree I think, but the new version has more depth and feeling. I could probably spend the rest of my life “perfecting” this piece but I have decided to call it done. At least for now. Then again, I thought it was done five years ago.

I will say, I’m beginning to question the quality of my paints themselves. When did I buy them? I can’t remember. It’s been at least two years…they are getting a little chunky. But I’m a starving artist, and so I will continue to use them until they are gone.

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