Inherent Value

It’s hard not to feel like a failure sometimes, when life doesn’t go the way you want it to. Like you’re worth less as a person and people have a right to look down on you. You spend your days wondering what went wrong, why you’re this way when other people are so successful. I think we’ve all felt this at least once or twice and it’s not a pleasant feeling.

And then when things go your way suddenly you’re a hot-shot. You get that feeling like you can’t wait to run into so-and-so from high school just so you can rub it in their face–in a totally subtle, non-obvious way of course. Suddenly you’re a worthy human being, and you know it, and you want other people to know it too.

The thing is that’s not really how it works. We are all worthy human beings no matter what our current situation is. We all have our ups and downs, but situational ups and downs cannot touch our inherent value as a human being that we are all born with. There is no such thing as an “important” person any more than there is a “worthless” person.

This is a lesson I taught myself as I fought off the depression that often comes with failure. However I did not anticipate the way it would impact my outlook on life when things got better. Just as I beat myself up less when things go wrong, I also find less cause for celebration when things go right.

Maybe this does not sound like such a great thing, but I’m telling you, it is. When you succeed at something, don’t spend all day patting yourself on the back and thinking about how awesome you are. This image will only shatter at the next setback. Rather, acknowledge that you have value that is separate from this success, be grateful for the success, and be willing to embrace the next failure.

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